Weed Information: Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese weed is a hybrid strain that is known for its unique flavour and aroma. It has quickly become popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts and for good reason. With a combination of a relaxed and uplifting high, it’s clear why this strain is a crowd-pleaser. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the blue cheese strain and provide you with all the information you need to know about it.

Blue Cheese Strain Overview


Appearance and Flavour:

The most notable characteristic of Blue Cheese weed is its strong cheese-like aroma. This unique smell is due to its parent strains, Blueberry and UK Cheese. The buds themselves are usually dark green with a hint of blue and covered in a sticky layer of trichomes. When grinding it up, you’ll notice a hint of cheese and sweetness in the flavour profile. Overall, the scent and taste can be polarizing for those who aren’t expecting it, but for those who are, the experience can be quite enjoyable.


Blue Cheese weed is a balanced hybrid with equal parts Indica and Sativa. The high is known to be uplifting and euphoric, making it great for social situations or creative activities. It can also induce a strong feeling of relaxation, making it a great option for stress relief and easing anxiety. The high THC content in Blue Cheese weed can range from 15% – 20%, making it a moderate to strong strain. It’s worth noting that some users experience dry mouth and red eyes as common side effects.


Blue Cheese weed has many potential uses beyond its recreational high. As mentioned previously, it is an excellent stress reliever and anxiety reducer. It’s also known to be a powerful pain reliever, making it a popular option for those who experience chronic pain. It can also help improve appetite and aid in nausea relief. Lastly, Blue Cheese weed has been used to treat insomnia due to its relaxing properties.


Blue Cheese weed is a relatively easy strain to grow for beginners. It has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. The yield for this strain is also relatively high, making it a popular choice for home growers. Given its hybrid nature, it responds well to both soil and hydroponic setups.


Overall, Blue Cheese weed is a versatile strain that can satisfy a range of needs. Its unique flavour profile and uplifting yet relaxing high make it a solid choice for recreational use. However, its medicinal benefits cannot be overlooked. If you’re a beginner grower, Blue Cheese weed might be a good place to start. Its easy-to-grow nature, high yield, and strong reputation amongst cannabis enthusiasts make it a staple in any collection.

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