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How to Make Cannabis Tea

How to Make Cannabis Tea: A Soothing and Therapeutic Brew

Cannabis tea, known for its therapeutic benefits, has been used for centuries. Unlike smoking, it offers a longer-lasting and gentler effect, making it a popular choice for medicinal and recreational users alike. This brew is especially favoured for its ability to deliver the calming effects of cannabis without the harshness of inhalation, providing a soothing experience. Moreover, the versatility of cannabis tea allows for the incorporation of various herbs and flavours, tailoring each cup to personal taste and health needs. This blog explores the art of making cannabis tea, its benefits, and important considerations.


Understanding Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea is a herbal brew made from the leaves, stems, or buds of the cannabis plant. It can be made with either THC-rich strains for psychoactive effects or CBD-dominant strains for non-psychoactive health benefits. This versatility makes cannabis tea a customizable beverage, catering to various preferences and needs, whether for relaxation or therapeutic purposes. Additionally, the process of brewing the tea allows for a gradual release of compounds, providing a more controlled and gentle experience compared to other methods of cannabis consumption.


Health Benefits

  • Pain Relief: Cannabis tea can alleviate chronic pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Anxiety and Depression: The relaxing effects of cannabis can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Digestive Health: It aids in relieving nausea, vomiting, and other digestive issues.
  • Neuroprotective Properties: Cannabis tea may offer benefits in neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Doctor prescribing cannabis to a patient.

Preparation of Cannabis Tea

  • Ingredients:
    • Cannabis (bud, leaves, or stems)
    • Water
    • Butter or coconut oil (optional, for THC activation)
    • Tea leaves or herbs for flavour (optional)
  • Decarboxylation (if using THC-rich cannabis): Bake the cannabis at 240°F (115°C) for 30-40 minutes. This process activates THC.
  • Brewing:
    • Boil water and add a fat source like butter or coconut oil if using THC-rich cannabis.
    • Add decarboxylated cannabis (or raw if CBD-only) and simmer for 15 minutes.
    • Strain the mixture and add any additional herbs or tea leaves for flavour.


Dosage Considerations

  • Start Low and Go Slow: Begin with a small dose, especially if THC is present.
  • Consistency: Homemade cannabis tea can vary in potency, so it’s important to find the right balance.
  • Effects Delay: The effects can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to manifest and can last much longer than smoking or vaping.

Person measuring dosage of cannabis tea

Cannabis tea offers a unique way to experience the benefits of cannabis. Its preparation can be a calming ritual, and its consumption a soothing experience. The gentle infusion of cannabis in tea form can aid in easing the mind and body, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a milder, more controlled introduction to cannabis’s effects. Additionally, its natural herbal qualities can blend seamlessly with other health-focused practices, enhancing overall well-being. Whether for medicinal purposes or relaxation, cannabis tea can be a delightful addition to your wellness routine.


Discover the serenity and health benefits of cannabis tea – start your journey towards a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle today.



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